Bobby East

Up and coming rapper Bobby East of Slap Dee’s label XYZ is launching his new single SANDUKA. XYZ wanted portraits and a photo for the release of the new song.

The Hebo-Buus family

I was hired by Camilla and Richard to take some family photos. I spent a delightful afternoon at their farm. Camilla is a journalist who runs The Zambia Weekly magazine, an excellent source for news about Lusaka. (Note to self: Don’t work with dogs)

Field Trip

I went to two different areas with Johan Rahm who does PR for Swedish Cooperative Center in Zambia. We talked to people who had been living illegaly on government owned land for a long time. I took some photos for SCC and some for myself.  


Camilla Hebo Buus, Lusaka, Zambia

For Swedish magazine “Journalisten” (the journalist), published March 2013. Swedish journalist Janne Andersson wrote a piece on Camilla Hebo Buus who publishes “Zambia Weekly“, an online weekly Magazine that gives objective news to Zambia. “Journaliusten used both a portrait and a shot of Camilla buying a newspaper.  

Timbuktu and DAMN! in concert

Timbuktu and DAMN!, Lusaka, Zambia

Swedish Hip-hop artist Tumbuktu came to Lusaka with the band DAMN! for a concert at Alliance Francais. I documented the gig and their very brief visit for SELAM, a Swedish organisation that promotes exchange of music ideas between Sweden and African countries such as Ethiopia, Botswana and Zambia. Some of the shots are from the reception with an acoustic concert at The …


For article on HIV

For Verve Magazine, an article about couples where one is HIV-positive and one is negative.

Rahm Family Portrait

The Rahm family

On Anna Rahm’s birthday I gave her a “family Portrait” shoot. I wanted a portrait that was a bit surrealistic and came up with this idea. The starting point was that my friend Johan is very tall and that it would be interesting to have their heads aligned in height rather than the classic short-to-tall arrangement. Johan suggested that he’d …

Chinika High

Students at high school in Lusaka, Zambia

I visited Chinika High School, Lusaka, Zambia, to shoot some promotional images for “The Zambia Group” at Kungsholmen Gymnasium, a swedish High School that supports Chinika High and a two more Zambian Schools by fund-raising for tuition fees and exchange programs. The group has a number of activities including concerts to raise money. Early 2013 some of the students will …


Girl at Wedding, Zambia

This is a mix of old and new photos I have taken of friends and on trips.  



Testing out my new LED ring-light (Rotolight) on my family. My boys were mesmerized by the light.