Oskar and Magdalena

I was quite nervous for this one. We hade a couple of hours just before the wedding. Magdalena and Oskar had a romantic moment back in the day, it took place att Gullmarsplan subway station.

Anna and Andrea

My good friends Anna and Andrea got married this Summer. I was honoured to take their wedding photos. The foundation caring for Selma Lagerlöfs home were kind enough to let us shoot inside. It is essentially a museum so we had to ask what furniture we could use.

Rahm Family Portrait

The Rahm family

On Anna Rahm’s birthday I gave her a “family Portrait” shoot. I wanted a portrait that was a bit surrealistic and came up with this idea. The starting point was that my friend Johan is very tall and that it would be interesting to have their heads aligned in height rather than the classic short-to-tall arrangement. Johan suggested that he’d …


Girl at Wedding, Zambia

This is a mix of old and new photos I have taken of friends and on trips.  



Testing out my new LED ring-light (Rotolight) on my family. My boys were mesmerized by the light.