Suicide Zero stock photo session

I was on the board of Suicide Zero for about two years. SZ is a non-profit org that aims to reduce suicide rates in Sweden by advocacy, lobbying and information to the public. Although I was a board member in my capacity as a psychiatrist I also helped out with photography. These shots are from a session where we collected …

Sleeping beauties fashion shoot

Another Fashion Shoot for The Bulletin & Record. The theme this time was Salaula (Second Hand). I had decided beforehand that I wainted the models to be in different situations of sleep/rest. As usual, the director Vernon W was slightly sceptical but gave me and creative Catherind Fundafunda free reins.

Nkwasi Inflight Magazine

I took these photos on a family holiday to Namibia. Later they were picked up for Proflight’s inflight magazine Nkwasi. I also wrote my first travel article about the desert area of Soussusvlei.

High Tea in The Garden

Fashionstory for Zambian Magazine Bulletin & Record Featuring Designers Kajaal Vaghela and Kamanga Wear. The 4-page feature also had a discussion on race, gender and class by myself and creative Samba Yonga.

Alchemist Cover

I shot these portraits for the cover and articles in Alchemy Magazine. A Zambian association promoting women in leadership. I asked the models to bring an object that was personal. Cathy seems to have a weakness for shoes, Chisenga loves outdoor activities. So we brought a bush into the studio. Thx to Kaoma who let me use his triggers and …

Bulletin & Record

I shot these photos for a story on Zambian street culture for Zambian magazine Bulletin & Record. Text by Johan Rahm, director of Junior Reporters. Some photos are from a classroom where the bboys teach anyone who shows up about breakdance, for free. Some shots are from Street Culture, a quarterly event in Lusaka. The night shots are from a …

Bobby East

Up and coming rapper Bobby East of Slap Dee’s label XYZ is launching his new single SANDUKA. XYZ wanted portraits and a photo for the release of the new song.

Field Trip

I went to two different areas with Johan Rahm who does PR for Swedish Cooperative Center in Zambia. We talked to people who had been living illegaly on government owned land for a long time. I took some photos for SCC and some for myself.  


Camilla Hebo Buus, Lusaka, Zambia

For Swedish magazine “Journalisten” (the journalist), published March 2013. Swedish journalist Janne Andersson wrote a piece on Camilla Hebo Buus who publishes “Zambia Weekly“, an online weekly Magazine that gives objective news to Zambia. “Journaliusten used both a portrait and a shot of Camilla buying a newspaper.  


For article on HIV

For Verve Magazine, an article about couples where one is HIV-positive and one is negative.