Rahm Family Portrait

The Rahm family

On Anna Rahm’s birthday I gave her a “family Portrait” shoot.

I wanted a portrait that was a bit surrealistic and came up with this idea. The starting point was that my friend Johan is very tall and that it would be interesting to have their heads aligned in height rather than the classic short-to-tall arrangement. Johan suggested that he’d stand in a hole since we had limited amounts of lego to use for the kids.
(The Duplo Lego was the pooled resources of my family and the Rahms)
I shot all the family members individually to get the concentrated looks and composited the photo afterwards.

I think Johan liked the photo a lot since he came out looking like a model. Anna looks great whenever I point a camera at her.
I was lucky to have my friend and mentor Garet Bentley lending both advice and equipment.

While preparing, some of our kids wandered into the shot. Would make a nice poster for some kids fairy tale I think.